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Last month we talked about greening our offices by changing light switches and light bulbs, by maintaining our HVAC systems, changing air filters and installing programmable thermostats. We also talked about properly insulating windows, hanging blinds or shades and installing low-flow toilets in bathrooms, motion-detecting low-flow faucets in kitchens and bathrooms and dispensing with the use of plastic and paper in the kitchen and returning to the use of real dishes and silverware.

Did you know that about 70% of office garbage is waste paper that could be recycled and it’s estimated that the average U.S. companies could recycle up to 50% of its current waste stream.

So – let’s talk about additional ways to “go green.” Here are some suggestions with regard to office supplies and equipment:

1. Set your computer monitors to turn off after 20 minutes of inactivity and computers to go on standby after 1 hour. Cost – Free.

2. Connect your computer workstations , copiers and fax machine to energy saving power strips. Cost $35.00 strip, one time.

3. Print double-sided copies or reuse backs of single-sided copies for scrap paper. Cost – Free. The Courts now allow the filing of double-sided paper. Potential savings: 25-50% of annual paper costs!

4. For internal memos, only print out and post one paper copy or use email instead. Cost – Free. Potential savings: up to 5% of annual paper costs.

5. Be sure to place a recycling bin in your offices for glass and plastic bottles and a recycling bin for white paper and newspapers and magazines. Cost – Free. Potential savings: up to 5% of annual garbage hauling costs.

6. Buy recycled paper. Potential savings: up to 15% savings in your annual paper costs.

7. Buy recycled toner cartridges for your fax machine, printers, copy machine. Potential savings: up to 10% of annual supplies costs.

8. Buy recycled furniture. Potential savings: 30-80% of the cost of new furniture.

Currently, nearly 30 states have publicly funded alternative energy programs. In addition private, sustainable business organizations have sprung up in many states and localities allowing green business owners the opportunity to network and share ideas.

Here are a few listings:

How to Recycle

Business products:


Rechargeable batteries and cell phones:;

Fluorescent lamps and bulbs (containing mercury)


Where to Find Green Products

Energy Star Appliances:

Desktop and notebook computers:



Cleaning supplies, paint, paper products:;

Office Products:;;

Water Conservation:


Where to Find Green Business Services/Information

Web search engine:;

Practical advice for small businesses:;

We really need to consider all we can do to save our planet!

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